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Step 1: Scan (Survey) & Draw

Every project needs accurate measurements and drawings of what’s there now.

This is the only way to give you truly reliable costs and timeframes and to allow you to start designing your new home and space. Anything less is guesswork.

Take this first step today – Contact us to get going.

    Your Next Steps


    Book Your Scan

    Fill in your contact details or call now to book your survey. It usually takes half a day to process and is super-easy for you. Click below for your scan day instructions.

    Your Scan Day


    3D Model

    We’ll create your 3D digital mm-accurate model of your property. From this, all the necessary drawings of what’s there now are produced. Click below for an example

    3D Digital Model


    Let’s Go

    You’ll receive your initial drawing pack and design inspiration to launch into your next stage. These form the basis for your concept design, and for accurate costs.

    Sample Pack