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Take A Moment…

Christmas is a time to reflect. We hope you’re lucky enough to be looking forward to a Christmas with friends and family – socialising, opening pressies, enjoying time off work and having too much Christmas cheer in the form of your favourite tipple…

Sorry, but we’re going to get serious on you here.

Imagine being in a warzone at Christmas time. No, you’re right – how can we imagine that? We absolutely can’t. No way. But, just think about it for a minute.

Joining the Armed Forces must be one of the most altruistic, giving things anyone can do. Many, of course, don’t say they join for this reason – they’d talk about the career opportunities, the training offered, the travel, the camaraderie, the amazing experiences. But, behind all the positives in any military careers advert is the reality of the military’s existence – to protect us and, ultimately, to fight for what we stand for.

Cheesy? Maybe. But true, nonetheless.

As a company and individually, we want to support our Armed Forces. But we wanted to go further and make this a more active support. We’re excited to have signed up with MRHQ, a revolutionary recruitment company putting ex-service personnel first and bridging any gap between veterans and employers in civvy street (https://www.mrhq.co.uk/). MRHQ actively seeks to match employers with veterans and offers mentoring, training and ongoing assistance.

If you’re reading this and either run your own business or know your employer will be needing to recruit at some point (doh! that’s every business that wants to grow??!), consider the skills shortage we’re constantly being told about. In the construction industry, we’re already acutely aware of this issue – and it’s forecast to get worse in all industries.

Now consider that military veterans are worth around £1.5bn to the UK economy and could plug a huge part of that skills gap, (https://www.home.barclays/news/2017/07/military-veterans-worth-p1-5bn-to-uk-economy.html). But nearly 25% experience real challenges in gaining the right employment outside the forces.

So, just take a moment to look at MRHQ and consider this as a recruitment strategy. Don’t overlook the abilities and strengths of these veterans. Their CVs may not always successfully relay the correct information or, particularly, demonstrate how transferable their skills are – look past this and really explore the possibilities. You might be about to make your most successful hires ever. Roger that!

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