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Is Your Team All Pulling In The Same Direction?

This week’s Home Improvement 101 tips are all about team – and the things you should look for to make sure your home improvement project rocks!!

Think about it, there’ll be elements of architecture, interior design, project management, maybe planning and party wall advice, structural advice, planning the best scheme in relation to plumbing, electrical, audio visual (depending on your project) and then, of course, the actual build! Phew! Exhausted already?

Don’t worry or let any of that put you off – it can all be very well managed and totally in control with the right people on your side. Whether you use a firm like us that can offer all the services in-house (giving a frictionless team, all pulling in the same direction to deliver your gorgeous home), or you go to a separate architect, structural engineer, planning consultant and building firm, there are certain elements you should definitely look for. We’re not going to list here what each professional does (but please do get in touch if you need more clarity on the roles – or 020 7404 8188) – but if you click on our link, you’ll see a clear visual showing the characteristics you should expect when choosing your project team.

Hope that helps!

From your friendly Charter Projects’ Team

PS: we always love to hear about your projects and dream homes – please get in touch with your ideas and plans and we’ll see if we can help or give you any further tips to ensure your project runs smoothly.


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