Where Do I Start?

Just start at the beginning.
There are 5 clear steps, and starting is super easy.
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Scan & Draw

The first step is easy to take. Whoever you work with must have accurate measurements and drawings of what’s there now. We use the most accurate techniques available, to produce a digital 3D model of your home, from which we provide all the drawings of your existing property you’d need for the next phase.

    Architecture & Planning

    Use your 3D digital model to plan your dream home with us. See your proposals take shape on screen before your eyes and once you’ve decided what you want to do, we can manage any planning applications or permitted development issues. We’ll then provide all the drawings required for this stage.

    Detailed Design

    Your project will need to be designed in detail. We’ll need to know exactly what to build, what to specify, which finishes you want and for where. We’ll fully support you to help make you the best designer you can be, so that the result is exactly what you’d imagined.

      Project Management

      Projects can often be complex, but project management doesn’t need to be. We give you an easy-to-understand, simple-to-use system that makes it extra convenient for you. You’ll always have real-time involvement and updates, with transparency and control over all elements of your project.


      When it comes to your building phase, the final piece of our puzzle slots easily into place. Our friendly team of ‘Gentlemen Builders’ really cares about your project and the previous stages will mean they have all the information they need to build exactly what you want, where and how you want it. Nice.

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